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Will Koyo Radiators fit my vehicle application?
Koyorad OE Aftermarket replacement radiators are application specific for simple, straightforward installation.  Each is designed to bolt directly to your factory OEM fan shrouds, and condensers.   Please ask us and we will find the correct match for your vehicle.

What coolant or antifreeze does Koyo recommend?
It is important that the proper coolant is used with your Koyorad radiator.  Follow that exact coolant type/grade listed in your vehicle’s owners manual for the best performance and longevity of Koyorad products.

When a new Koyo radiator is installed, we recommend a complete cooling system flush and fill with new coolant.  Neglecting a full cooling system flush or using the wrong coolant may result in corrosion, leaks, and premature wear and tear, not to mention other stresses on your engine.

What types of materials are used in Koyorad radiators?A
Koyo Quality begins with our selection of premium OE grade materials such as:  aluminum, copper, brass, and plastics.  Koyo products are not only developed and tested to be resilient to harsh outside elements, but also years of under-hood heat cycling as well.

What is the purpose of radiator coolant?
Radiator coolant serves two main purposes:
1)  Protect the surface of the cooling system
2)  Transfer heat from the engine to the radiator

Each vehicle has its own combination of coolant, water, ethylene glycol or any of the other 50 or so combinations.

No two brands of coolant are compatible.  It is important to remember:-
1)  Do not mix coolants
2)  Always use manufacturer recommended coolant

Why is my air conditioning not working anymore?
Alexandria Radiators will need to do some tests.  First we will test if the clutch on the compressor engages.  Then we will test to see if there is refrigerant in the system. If no refrigerant in system or very little we then nitrogen test to see if we can see or here leakage. If there is ample refrigerant in system then there is an electrical fault of some description. That will need further testing.

My car is quite old (pre 1991) and my air cond. system hasn’t worked for years.  Can you help?
Our car needs to be Retrofitted with the new Refrigerant. This is quite involved and can be quite expensive. Air conditioning pumps may sometimes need to be replaced, if not the correct oil must be used that is compatible with R134A refrigerant. Rubber lines need to be fully tested and all O-rings that you can get to need to be replaced. Late model condensers are more suited to the new R134A refrigerant, TX valves and High pressure switches may need changing.

How often should I run my air conditioning?
You should run the air conditioning system at least for a few minutes once a week to keep seals and O-rings from drying out. Run in the winter months on the hot setting to regularly demist windows etc.

My air conditioning is not cold anymore.  Can you help?
This could be a range of things from having no refrigerant in the system to an electrical fault. You need to talk with our technician and have it booked in for a service

How do I know when it is time to have my radiator repaired or replaced?
If the radiator has any discoloration or electrolysis (black spots), or any cracked hose connectors, including split plastic tanks or seam leaks (all these items are on the radiator itself) we recommend that you contact Alexandria Radiators for an inspection.

Do you recommend Stop Leak or Sealers?
We do not recommend using Stop Leak or Engine Sealant as it can clog the whole radiator core\cooling system such as the Heater Core and Water Jackets. If it must be used under an emergency situation then it is imperative that you flush the entire Cooling System including the Heater Core and also have a new Thermostat installed when you get the radiator repaired or replaced. Remember to Flush out the Water Pump when using additives or sealers, or the problem could escalate.

Alexandria Radiator Service specialises in car radiators, air conditioners and heating systems. If you want the best advice, service and products in Sydney, then call Alexandria Radiator Service today.

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